Welcome to Sonrise Christian School

Sonrise is an English medium school situated in Green Avenue, Edleen, Kempton Park. We have a very dedicated staff serving the needs of our learners, from preschool & Grade R through Grade 12.

Our raison d’etre is to provide an holistic approach to the education of children – imparting spiritual values which serve as foundation; providing an environment which promotes emotional well-being; stimulating and developing the child’s physical interests and talents; and sharpening the life skills necessary for every child to become a mature, productive member of society.

We follow the School of Tomorrow Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. This trend setting educational model is revolutionary in that the focus is not on a teacher lecturing a large group of learners, but rather on the individual needs and abilities of each child.


Our Mission

Sonrise Christian School exists to serve the people of Kempton Park/Tembisa. Our mission is to provide a Christian oriented education to as many children as our resources allow. Therefore, school fees are kept as low as possible. Fees are based on a sliding scale with variable discounts allowed for families of more than one child.

The emphasis on individuality in the school necessitates a very labour intensive approach (a ratio of 2 educators per 20 learners). This is obviously very costly, and only the willingness of our staff members to accept low salaries makes this approach financially viable. Staff members see their work as a labour of love and a service to the community.